About This Blog–Subject Matter, Limitations, and My Own Prejudices

This blog is primarily dedicated to things political, social, economic, and historical, but it’s by no means limited to those topics. Every once in awhile, you might even see a recipe’.

Anybody perusing this site for the first time should know that I consider myself on the True Left; I’m an out-and-out Socialist. Religiously, I’m sort of a Zen agnostic pagan whose favorite pantheon is the Norse one of most of my ancestors, though I have deep respect for the Golden Rule aspects of nearly all religions and worthwhile philosophies.

That said, don’t expect absolutely guaranteed free speech rights here. If you’re a capitalist apologist, you are stepping into a minefield. Rightwing trolls will be vaporized upon discovery. And I am most definitely not a fan of most conspiracy theories.

If you comment on something for the first time, sorry, but you’ll have to wait for me to moderate it. That might take a day or two: I work full time and I have a family with whom to live. Once I know you’re not some juvenile mentality who wants to sling cuss words for shock value or some other undesirable, I’ll invite you to at least be a contributor, which gives you ability to instantly post comments without waiting for me to approve them.



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